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Oh no: There’s a new Doomfist Halloween skin, and it’s kind of hot

Del Toro meets Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment

Halloween Terror is set to roll out in Overwatch in just a few days, and while there’s some exciting stuff on the horizon like a new, spooky Chateau Guillard and another chapter of Dr. Junkenstein’s campaign of revenge, we have to focus on the immediate news of this new skin. Doomfist has a pretty great array of legendary skins already; his Anniversary skin, where he rocks a Bond-esque suit, is amazing. That being said, his new Halloween skin blows the rest of his cosmetics out of the ... water.

Let’s just get the obvious comparison out of the way: Doomfist looks like he’s ripped from The Shape of Water. Giant, ripped fish men are absolutely in vogue right now, and after suiting up for the anniversary Doomfist is back to his habits of rejecting any and all shirts so he can show off his amazing arms and abs. I don’t even like playing Doomfist and I’m kind of intrigued, here. If I know Overwatch fans, we can also expect Twitter and Tumblr to light up with some truly fantastic, fishy fanart soon.

Halloween Terror is set to go live on October 9, and will have a new assortment of cosmetics including Swamp Monster Doomfist. Previous years’ cosmetics will also be available.