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Catch up on Contenders, the best Overwatch matches you probably missed

There’s a treasure trove of Overwatch here

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With the amount of quality Overwatch content hitting the airwaves in the last few months, it’s hard to soak it all in. Amidst all the Overwatch World Cup and OWL buzz, you might’ve missed these amazing Contenders storylines. Scratch that pro Overwatch itch with these great games from Contenders season 2. They’re a great way to get into the Tier 2 scene, and if you’ve seen them before, they’re definitely worth another watch.

RevoltZ e-Sports Club vs. Nocturns Gaming: Contenders SA S2 Week 3

Previously Keyd Stars, RevoltZ e-Sports Club placed dead last in Contenders South America season 1. Struggling through Trials, the team barely squeaked back into Contenders proper.

After two weeks back in Contenders, RevoltZ failed not only to win a series but didn’t take a single map. Things looked dire heading into week 3 but RevoltZ was about to pull off a miracle u-turn. With the additions of Edgar “Edigas” Camargo and Thiago “Barijan” Bueno, RevoltZ won every single match they had left.

Heading into quarterfinals, RevoltZ’s innovative Hammond/Doomfist/Sombra dive wreaked destruction. Their journey would finally be halted by Brasil Gaming House in the semifinals but RevoltZ emerged from S2 a phoenix rising.

While RevoltZ had yet to solidify their playstyle in this game against Nocturns, it marked a turning point in the trajectory of the team that catapulted them from the bottom of the barrel to playoffs. The full roster has reunited for season 3 as Up Gaming, ready prove any remaining doubters that they are the stuff of champions.

British Hurricane vs. Orgless and Hungry: Contenders EU S2 Week 5

British Hurricane took 1st place during Contenders Europe season 1, but struggled to adapt to the meta in the following season. Despite the team’s experience playing together, they had difficulty changing their strategies mid game. British Hurricane looked completely lost as they headed into their last group stage match against Orgless and Hungry.

British Hurricane started the series off strong, taking Lijiang Tower. It was a success the team sorely needed and bolstered them into their next win on King’s Row. They looked like they might finally be regaining their footing. However, Orgless and Hungry took both of the next two maps, bringing the match to a tie breaker on Ilios. With the winds at their back, Orgless and Hungry styled on British Hurricane, even pulling out a Bastion on Well, and forced the former champions into relegation. Though it’s disappointing that Hurricane fell to Trials, this match showed that the team still had life left yet.

Since S2, British Hurricane finished Trials at the top of the rankings. Finley “Kyb” Adisi, Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth, and Michael “MikeyA” Adams will be representing Team UK during the Overwatch World Cup playoffs. Orgless and Hungry’s Daniel “Dannedd” Rosdahl, Tomer “Wayfast” Gishri, and Joni “Jofi” Ilves have also all received offers from other teams.

Fusion University vs. Toronto Esports: Contenders NA S2 Quarterfinals

Fielding Seung-jun “WhoRU” Lee of Lunatic Hai fame, Fusion University was a beast in Contenders North America season 1, taking the championship. Heading into season 2, they again looked unstoppable as they faced up against Toronto Esports.

Securing Oasis and Eichenwalde, Toronto looked prepared. They invested heavily in counters to Whoru’s Genji and for a time they held. However, faced with the real possibility they may lose in the quarterfinals, FU rallied. Comboing EMP and Dragonblade to great success, FU full held on both Volskaya and Rialto. With the series tied, FU sealed the deal with a win on Ilios.

Though FU prevailed in the end, Toronto dealt a fierce blow and took FU the closest to a loss they’ve experienced in two seasons. Harrison “Kruise” Pond and Dalton “Dalton” Bennyhoff, from Toronto, have been picked up by the Paris OWL team and Gladiators Legion, respectively. Elijah Hudson “Elk” Gallagher, of FU, was promoted to a two-way contract and will represent both Philadelphia Fusion and FU next season.

T1w Esports Club vs. Lucky Future Zenith: Contenders China S2 Semifinals

T1w Esports Club, previously Miracle Team One, entered the Chinese scene to high expectations. The team failed to materialize results during APAC and Nexus Cup and the same story continued in Contenders China season 1. After middling results in groups, T1w exited the tournament in quarters.

It was in S2 that T1w began to distinguish themselves. They were the only team to take a group stage map off of Lucky Future Zenith, the previous season’s champions. During playoffs, T1w again gave LFZ a run for their money, nearly stealing away the finals slot in a hotly contested semifinals.

T1w showed a never-say-die spirit in this back and forth 3-2 set. Though LFZ would triumph in the end, they were pushed to the limit in one of the closests matches they’d faced all season.

Since then, T1w has won the LanStory Cup tournament. One of their DPS, Cai “Krystal” Shilong, will be representing China in the OWWC playoffs. LFZ’s Min-seong “diem” Bae has been signed to the Shanghai Dragons, while Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi and Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang have been acquired by Seoul Dynasty.

Runaway vs. Kongdoo Panthera: Contenders Korea S2 Grand Finals

Runaway were a fan favorite the moment they stepped on stage in 2017. In Apex S2, Runaway faced Lunatic Hai in the finals. They took LH to all seven maps but were unable overcome the more experienced team. They again fought to seven maps in the Apex S4 finals, this time against GC Busan, and again walked away defeated.

The timing could not be worse as Contenders neared. Dae-hoon “Runner” Yoon, the team leader, was forced to leave to complete his military service. Hyun ah “Flowervin” Lee, Runner’s wife, stepped up to lead.

In Contenders S1, Runaway finished top of their group. The curse would not be lifted however, as they fell to X-6 Gaming in the semis.

Finally, in Contenders S2, Runaway achieved their dream. In an incredible eight map series, Runaway pulled a reverse sweep against Kongdoo Panthera. It took Runaway six seasons to push across the finish line. Nobody punched out a ceiling tile this time but the celebration and tears were just as joyous. (see: Flowervin being thrown in the air by her ecstatic players)

This match served as a validation of one of the most compelling comeback stories in OW. The entire team has been picked up for the second season of OWL and will continue playing together.