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Blizzard is selling Mei’s Levitating Snowball from the Rise and Shine short

I’m ready to start a Blizzard!

Blizzard Entertainment

The world of Overwatch is filled with all kinds of technological marvels. There’s seemingly no end to the kinds of scientific advancements the game’s future imagines. There are conscious robots, beautiful techno-utopias, super intelligent animals and bases on the moon. There’s also a floating snowball-robot that makes faces and is super cute, and it’s now available for pre-order in Blizzard’s store.

Yep, the little floating robot from Mei’s Rise and Shine short can now be yours. The statue, called Levitating Snowball, is available for pre-order now and will be $175 USD. The bot uses magnets to float above its base stand, which also has a USB port so you can charge your phone with it. The floating snowball doesn’t exactly “do” anything, but it does make faces that periodically change and flash on its LCD screen just like in the short.

Sure, it may not be the most exciting piece of Overwatch tech to cross into the real world, but if you were in the market for a very expensive phone charger that also includes a floating robot who can be your best friend, now there’s an Overwatch-themed option.