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The newest Halloween Terror skin doubles down on Widowmaker’s theme

I’m going to look up some Widowmaker tips on... the web

Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker has a pretty strong theme: spiders! She loves ‘em. It’s the primary motif of Alive, the Widowmaker animated short, after all. When she was a girl, she was afraid of spiders. Now, as an adult who has been brainwashed and genetically manipulated, she feels a genuine kinship with them because at the moment of the kill, they both feel alive. That’s a little dark, but you know what’s less grim? Widowmaker’s new Halloween Terror skin: Spider Widowmaker.

This skin isn’t a total re-invention like Banshee Moira or Swamp Monster Doomfist. In fact, it’s so honed in on the central spider theme that it looks a little redundant at first glance. Honestly, though? I’m digging it. Widowmaker has a pretty nice base design, and this amps up her central motif a notch in a pretty pleasing way. The dark eyes? The defined, dark lines of her web tattoo? I’ll likely pick this one up, especially because it looks to be an Epic skin and not a 3,000 credit Legendary buy.

Halloween Terror starts on Oct. 9 and will launch with a new line of cosmetics to unlock. Previous years’ content will also be available at a discount. The PvE mode of Junkenstein’s Revenge is heading to Widowmaker’s ancestral home, where we’ll likely have a new battleground on which to battle waves of zomnics and the Witch of the Wilds.