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The Chengdu Hunters have revealed their logo, and stolen my heart

That grumpy looking panda is the League’s best logo yet

Chengdu Hunters

If you’ve been following the reveal of the Overwatch League’s expansion teams, there’s something you may have noticed. It doesn’t take a designer’s eye to spot that there’s been a lot of red and blue. The Guangzhou Charge is teal and dark blue, Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant are a mirror of red and black, and the Paris Eternal is red and blue.

The Chengdu Hunters are breaking this expansion team trend, and are joining with colors of yellow and gold.

Not only do they have some pretty aesthetically pleasing colors, but they also have an amazing logo. Look at that panda! He’s so grumpy, like you just interrupted his morning meal of bamboo. I would follow that panda into battle. What an incredibly noble beast.

We still don’t have a pink team, which is disappointing, but so far the expansion teams seem to be shaping up nicely. There are just a few reveals left to go before Season 2 of the Overwatch League begins in February.