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A big Brigitte change could be coming to Overwatch’s PTR

Another nerf for the valiant squire

Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte’s release has been one of Overwatch’s most controversial moments. While people are pleased with her visual design, and finally getting Reinhardt’s squire into the game, her kit has raised some concerns. Specifically, Brigitte is really, really good at shutting down specific kinds of plays, especially those that require a Tracer or Genji. Whether she’s overpowered or just infuriating is a matter of opinion, but it looks like the Overwatch developers are taking another look at the hero.

On the official Blizzard forums, principal game designer Geoff Goodman addressed some changes they have in the works for her, writing:

We do have one shield bash change we are playtesting right now, which is likely to hit the next PTR: Shield Bash no longer going through barriers.

This means it is a lot more tricky to land a clutch stun on an enemy Reinhardt, for example, but you can still use the ability to close distance and land melee hits to trigger Inspire.

This isn’t the sort of change that will knock Brigitte entirely out of viability, but it will make her a little less potent. It’ll also reinforce Reinhardt as the unstoppable main tank, and give him a boost over Orisa.

These changes haven’t even hit the test realm yet, so they’re not certain, but we’ll keep an eye out to see how Brigitte’s development progresses.