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Ashe’s origin animation explains where she fits in the world of Overwatch

Ashe talks about her family of origin... and choice

Blizzard Entertainment

Today we met our next hero, Ashe, and she’s a firecracker of a lady. Ashe runs the Deadlock Gang, which is an important presence in the Overwatch universe that we haven’t really explored yet. They’re one of the biggest criminal syndicates in America, and they run Route 66 and likely a good chunk of the American south. They’re also where McCree comes from; the Deadlock Gang took him in until he was apprehended and inducted into Blackwatch.

Now, the Deadlock Gang has a face. Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, and her robot butler Bob. Ashe comes from extreme privilege, and her life of opulence wasn’t enough to suppress her rebellious streak. Once she met McCree, the two of them went on a crime spree. She runs the Deadlocks now, and accepts omnic and human alike into her new family of choice.

Ashe is a sniper with the ability to burn down enemies with dynamite and summon Bob to give her a hand. Bob acts just like a hero by himself, and can be nanoboosted or capture points. The dangerous duo are set to hit the PTR soon, but it’ll take some time to master this high skill cap hero.

Honestly, while I will likely struggle to actually snipe enemies or pull off combos with Ashe, I find her story of found family charming. Ashe’s story is a compelling one, and her upcoming addition to the game (along with lobby interactions, sprays, and voice lines) should give us a few more clues as to what she’s up to next.