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Ashe’s legendary Overwatch skins already look slick

Ashe and Bob are ready to hit the catwalk

Blizzard Entertainment

Ashe (and Bob) are collectively Overwatch’s newest hero, and by their powers combined, players will be able to take points, snipe enemies, and just generally wreak havoc upon the battlefield. Some people are interested to see how high Ashe’s skillcap is, or how mechanically demanding she is. Other, more discerning fans are waiting to see what her skins look like, and thanks to the Overwatch: What’s Next panel, we get to see Ashe’s legendary designs.

Blizzard Entertainment

Safari Ashe is pretty self explanatory, and not only is she equipped to hit unexplored territory, but Bob is decked out as well. This is a super cute theme, and it matches with one of Winston’s legendary skins as well, so you can team the three of them up for extra style points.

Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re looking for a touch of old fashioned class, but you’re also looking to keep Ashe’s criminal edge, then the mobster skin looks like it’s perfect for you. Not only does Ashe look sharp, but Bob is now wearing a pair of pinstripe trousers and a jaunty cap.

Ashe will be hitting the PTR soon, and we will see her skins and cosmetics join her afterwards before her live launch.