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Let’s take a lore tour of Ashe’s in-game interactions and lines

She’s full of sass and class

Blizzard Entertainment

As soon as a new hero is live in Overwatch, it’s much easier to take a look at all their pre-match interactions and voice lines - Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe is no exception in having some really fun voice work!

When a new Overwatch hero releases, who their first interactions are with will often hinge on what content Blizzard are creating at the time the hero’s voice actor is in for recording. No surprises then for Ashe, that her pre-match conversations at the moment are solely with Jesse McCree - her co-star in BlizzCon 2018’s Overwatch Animated Short, Reunion.

As well as a lot of interesting insight into the past of the leaders of the Deadlock Gang, and some mocking of and Lucio’s youth, Ashe’s voice lines in-game also contain a lot of fun pop culture references, and even meta jokes about her voice actor!

Played by voice-acting royalty Jennifer Hale (who you may recognise as FemShep from Mass Effect, Jedi Bastila Shan in Knights of The Old Republic, and many other awesome roles), Ashe even takes the time to nod to one of Hale’s many animated and anime roles as Electra in Cowboy Bebop - The Movie.

Overwatch is peppered with anime references for sharp-eyed fans. What’s particularly neat about this reference is that it combines a nod to Hale’s past work with a popular fan request for a McCree map interaction that dates back years.