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Overwatch artists already love new hero Ashe

The fan art is coming fast and furious

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new hero, Ashe, has a ton of personality. BlizzCon’s cinematic reveal nearly faked us out; after showing a tense showdown between Ashe and McCree, it seemed like our new hero would be Echo, the omnic in the Route 66 payload. But that was another twist — Echo needs more time in the shop before she’s ready to hit Overwatch servers, and the loud-mouthed, aggressive, confident Ashe was our new hero after all.

The Overwatch fan community is dedicated, and many of them have already fallen in love with Ashe. This piece by artist Appleblotch is simple, but evocative; it captures the rough and tumble cowgirl perfectly.

Ashe wouldn’t be Ashe without a little bluster, and this piece by J. Ashe K. shows the leader of the Deadlock gang enjoying a cigar. That makes sense; there’s no reason McCree should have all the fun.

This piece by Aki Ling shows Ashe in a much more dangerous light, and we know that our new hero is perfectly able to intimidate her enemies before she goes to gunplay. Her wide brimmed hat makes for a great fashion statement, but it’s also perfect for dramatic poses.

And, of course, some fans are already starting to ship Ashe. Applemint goes ahead and asks the question of whether Widowmaker and Ashe might be a viable couple. I think they might pair together nicely, although I might hesitate if they both joined my quick play game.

Overwatch fan artists are often some of the most enthusiastic players around, and you can find tons more brilliant Ashe art in the Overwatch and Ashe hashtags on Twitter. As we learn more about the character and her interactions, we’ll definitely see more art — and ships — emerging.