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Here’s everything you need to know about the Lucio-Ohs loot boost

It’s a nice bonus but not a dealmaker

Photo of Lucio-Ohs cereal box Polygon

The Lucio-Ohs hype train has officially left the station with the official BlizzCon commercial, and fans are curious to see how the Overwatch-themed, vanilla-flavored cereal tastes... but they’re also intrigued by the promise of a loot boost.

Thankfully, Heroes Never Die was able to acquire a review copy of a box of Lucio-Ohs. While we can’t speak as to the cereal’s taste yet (we haven’t been able to find milk and bowls), we can spill the loot boost system so you can plan accordingly for when the cereal hits store shelves in December.

First of all, a loot boost gives an additional loot box upon leveling up (so, two total) for the next three levels.

According to the side of the box, this is how the system will work. First, you must purchase a box of Lucio-Ohs cereal between Dec. 3, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2019.

Secondly, you must go to and upload a picture of your receipt. You must submit each receipt separately and within 30 days of the purchase. The last day you will be able to claim a receipt is Jan. 30, 2020.

Finally, you wait up to three days for your loot boost to kick in. You have to actually level before March 3, 2020, and it can take up to three days for the loot boost to kick after you claim it.

What we don’t know yet is how that loot boost will tie to your account. The Lucio-Ohs redemption website says it won’t go live until Dec. 3. We’ll update when it does with additional details.

This system is certainly nothing to sneeze at... as long as you actually enjoy Lucio-Ohs. We have yet to sample those vanilla-flavored loops, so we’ll keep you posted on the value proposition of picking up and consuming the cereal in the first place.