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Ashe’s cosmetics hit the PTR, includes skins, sprays, and voice lines

We’re getting these a lot earlier than usual

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new hero, Ashe, has hit the PTR. Blizzard are clearly keen to keep the hype train rolling from BlizzCon, as Ashe’s PTR release comes with all her skins and cosmetics to boot. Quite often, new Overwatch heroes will release to the PTR in a playable state, but won’t have their cosmetics added until a later patch — Ashe is getting some mighty fine treatment here!

Ashe gets a suite of flower and plant color themed skins, as well as both a 50’s Mobster-style and a Safari Legendary skin that were shown off in the Overwatch What’s Next Panel at BlizzCon. She also receives some funny dynamic duo-esque poses and intros with BOB, everyone’s new favourite Omnic, who somewhat stole the stage when Ashe got announced.

Via her sprays, we see that Ashe is still a fan of receiving a tea service. This fact warms my British heart, along with BOB pictured as returning to his duties for the occasion, harking back to Ashe’s childhood when he was her family’s butler.

BOB also gets his moment of spray glory, pictured with a drop of omnic oil swear glistening on his forehead, in reference to the Reunion animated short in which both Ashe and himself made their Overwatch debuts. It’s as if Blizzard know what us fans will like in advance, sometimes, isn’t it?

You can check out all Ashe’s new cosmetics in the video below. If you want to check a speciifc kind of cosmetic, here are the time codes:

0:35 - Skins

5:25 - Emotes

6:24 - Voice Lines

7:18 - Victory Poses

8:25 - Sprays

11:48 - Highlight Intros