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Paris Eternal unveils their Overwatch League branding

Their colors are red and blue

Blizzard Entertainment

Paris’ Overwatch League team have unveiled their new logo and branding. The city will be joining the Overwatch League as the Paris Eternal, with their symbol being a rooster stylized to look like an eternity symbol.

The Eternal is owned by DM Esports. Red and blue come from the French flag, with some nice and stylish gold highlights. The logo is inspired by the gallic rooster, which is one of the national emblems of France and has been associated with revolution. Eternity likely harkens to the Arc de Triomphe’s “eternal flame”, and it’s a nice phrase that inspires feelings of long-lasting victory, which is obviously good for an esports team.

We know Paris Eternal’s roster as well, with Terence “soOn” Tarlier from the Los Angeles Valiant and George “ShaDowBurn” Gushca previously playing on the Philadelphia Fusion. The team is considered to have one of the strongest line-ups among the expansion teams, and their branding isn’t bad either.