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The first Chinese Overwatch League expansion team is here: Guangzhou Charge

The Nenking Group owned team revealed its branding

Guangzhou Charge

Another Overwatch League team has revealed its branding, following in the footsteps of expansion teams Defiant, Reign, and Eternal. The Guangzhou Charge is the first Chinese Overwatch League expansion team to show off its new logo, a “GZ” carefully positioned to show a hidden lightning bolt via negative space. The colors of the Charge are teal and dark blue. The team also posted a reveal video on their official Twitter.

The Charge are already courting controversy by extensively quoting the Marine Corps’ Rifleman Creed, a mantra used by the military during training. Adapting that language for the Overwatch League is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

We won’t be seeing any the expansion teams actually compete until season two of the Overwatch League commences in February. We’re also waiting for news on the Charge’s roster, which is currently unknown. We’re still waiting for a few more expansion brands, including the mysterious Vancouver, to show off their stuff before they hit the stage in Los Angeles.