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Seoul Dynasty and Guangzhou Charge will face off in Pacific Challenge show match

The Charge get ready for their first friendly show match

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

With all of the new teams finally announced the new Overwatch competitive season feels closer than ever. We’ve still got a couple of months for things kick off officially, so more teams are getting in on the show match action. This time the competition will be called the Overwatch Pacific Challenge and will be a head to head match up between the Seoul Dynasty and the brand new Guangzhou Charge.

This will be the first watchable show match for the Charge, and likely the only one of 2018. The event itself will be hosted by Gen.G esports, the organization behind the Seoul Dynasty, who will also have the team’s final fan meetup of 2018 at the event.

The event will be hosted at Paradise City Hotel & Resort in Incheon, Korea on Dec. 29. Tickets will go on sale on Dec. 11. It’s unclear if this event will feature a stream of the show match or if it will be exclusive to the fans in attendance.