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You can now buy Overwatch League away skins

A minimalist touch of OWL for your collection

Blizzard Entertainment / Overwatch League

The Overwatch League debuted with a whole line of skins, one for each hero and each Overwatch League team, showing our familiar heroes decked out in new colors. There are currently 312 home team skins in Overwatch, with more set to debut with the upcoming season 2 expansion. That’s a lot of skins! But perhaps you want more. You want 624 total skins. That’s right — you can now purchase Overwatch League away skins as well.

Away skins still have the team’s colors on them, but they’re set to secondary and tertiary tones while the skin is predominantly white. This means that teams with very strong colors, like the Mayhem, get to look understated and classy. Even teams like the Spitfire and Dynasty look pretty smooth with this color set-up.

If you’ve purchased a home team skin, the away equivalent is unlocked automatically; you don’t have to purchase the same team’s skin twice, once for home and once for away. Otherwise, you can unlock the skin of your choice for 100 tokens.

Previously, away skins were offered as part of the Overwatch League All-Access pass, and there was a limited selection. Now, they’re all available, in every possible variation. That’s pretty sweet for those of us who love skins, and it’s nice to see more ways to deck out heroes in neat colors.