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Pro player punishments will be more visible in 2019

The Overwatch League is tracking each and every player who gets caught being rude

Blizzard Entertainment

We haven’t started the New Year yet, but the Overwatch League is already making some steps towards the second season’s launch in February. Last season, we saw many players get hit with suspensions or fines for untowards behaviour. The Overwatch League is collecting all of that data into one place via a chart, called a discipline tracker. This regularly maintained list shows every player who has been fined, suspended, banned or otherwise infracted for violations of the Overwatch League rules of competition and code of conduct.

It’s worth noting that the public still does not have access to a full list of rules and regulations; the discipline tracker refers viewers to the truncated list posted in February of 2018. The official rulebook was leaked in March; it has likely been updated since then.

New players who join the Overwatch League undergo a review; if their conduct is not up to league standards, they will face disciplinary action. This explains how players who have yet to play a game on stage are listed as receiving a punishment. The league also weighs severity, recency, and transparency from the investigated player before issuing a ruling.

The discipline tracker will be updated throughout 2019 with fresh player infractions and punishments, and serve as a record of past judgments.