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Log into Overwatch and score five free loot boxes

It’s a Christmas Day special!

Blizzard Entertainment

Ah, the holidays. There’s the smell of eggnog and hot buttered rum, decadent feasts, and family coming together. Other people, like me, are more excited about the five free Overwatch loot boxes popping up in their game for logging in. This is an annual tradition that I’m delighted to see return, and I hope it outlasts other yearly happenings like Mercy reworks.

All jokes aside, all it takes to score your free loot boxes is to log in to Overwatch and collect them. Don’t wait until the end of Winter Wonderland on Jan. 3 — this limited time holiday gift tends to be focused entirely around Christmas Eve, Day, and some of Boxing Day. Make sure you log in, even if you’re not planning on opening them right away; they’ll stay tucked away, and they won’t convert into standard boxes when Winter Wonderland ends, either.

If that’s not enough to warm your wintery heart, Jeff Kaplan (and some friends from the Overwatch scene you might recognize!) sat in front of a roaring fireplace for over a full work day once again. No, it’s not a re-run, and yes, there’s some good old fashioned jokes throughout the broadcast.

It’s a wonderful way to end the year in Overwatch, and I’m already excited to see what the game will bring in 2019. Hopefully, we can count on at least another Yule Log stream.