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Overwatch teases Winter Wonderland with legendary skins for Symmetra, Junkrat

These snowy skins are more athletic than previous years

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 - Mei, Lucio, Torbjorn, Tracer skins Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s holiday event, Winter Wonderland, is set to kick off on Dec. 11. We already know that we’ll be getting a new legendary skin for Zarya thanks to the official Overwatch Twitter, which showed a preview of her new Snowboarder skin.

From the goggles to the hat to the tail, we’re in love with this Zarya skin from head to toe. She even has a little dangly key chain on her gun! Zarya’s one of Overwatch’s more stoic characters, so it’s fun to see her dressing up and having fun for the holiday season. This will be her first legendary Winter Wonderland skin, although she has received a “Frosted” skin, as well as emotes and victory poses in years past.

We also got a teaser for Arctic Fox Lucio, which gives a fun seasonal spin to our favorite DJ. Between Zarya’s little tail and Lucio’s fox ears on his helmet, we’re starting to think that there’s a trend to this year’s holiday skins:

This skin is pretty sweet, although I likely won’t add it to my collection; Lucio’s lucky enough to be gifted with a healthy amount of legendaries already.

Blizzard also showed off a new legendary for Mercy: a Sugar Plum Fairy skin that gives everyone’s favorite healer a sweet, elfin look.

The sporty skin trend continues for Widowmaker; she’s rocking a Biathalon look, which is appropriately athletic for everyone’s favorite blue sniper.

I’m not much of a sniper myself, but I have to admit those trendy goggles are super cute.

Bastion is a wonderful gift from Blizzard to the Overwatch community, and this skin reflects that. Well, he’s mostly a gift. The Last Bastion? Fantastic. The Bastion on my team who keeps getting sniped? Less so.

Even Symmetra is getting in on the winter spirit with her new figure skating skin. Her outfit changes to an icy looking green and blue dress fit for competition and a semi-gift wrapped weapon.

Junkrat has absolutely stolen the show with this Krampus skin. Junkrat already has a really strong assortment of skins, and that makes this one even more wild — it knocks the competition out of the park.

Even people who aren’t a fan of seasonal skins are probably intrigued by this menacing take on Junkrat. He’ll burgle your children’s bones if they’re bad!

Winter Wonderland is set to start on Dec. 11. We’ll be updating this post as more skin teasers become available.