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We’ve cracked the code on how to sink a basket every time

No longer will you be the shame of an Overwatch lobby

Blizzard Entertainment

Whenever I get into a game of Overwatch and find myself on a map that’s got basketballs at the start, it’s customary for me to score a basket just to start the game off right. I never thought it was a big deal until multiple people asked me how I score so consistently, so this is how you do it!

Walk as close as you can to the ball, so you’re basically touching the table. Then align yourself, the ball and the basket to the center of your crosshair. Make sure the ball and the basket are perfectly centered. Then after that, you just need to aim your crosshair at the middle of the basketball net and hit the melee key. The ball will go in all the time if you’ve aligned everything perfectly!

This works for every hero except for ones with non-standard melee attacks like Brigitte and Reinhardt. Oh - and make sure you don’t crouch. You need to be standing. Good luck in your future (basketball) games!