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The Lunar New Year returns to Overwatch on February 8th

Overwatch will be celebrating Year of the Dog

Overwatch will be bringing back its Lunar New Year event for 2018 with Year of the Dog, and it kicks off February 8th. Once again, we’ll get legendary new skins and cosmetics and last year’s skins, emotes, and other collectibles unlocked again at a discount price.

With 2018’s returning events, we’ve usually seen something new added to the event. The Summer Games revamped Lucioball slightly, Halloween Terror gave us an addition to the Dr. Junkenstein campaign lore and four new heroes to play as in the special game mode. This year’s Winter Wonderland gave us a whole new game mode with Mei’s Yeti Hunt.

We’re not sure what, exactly, Year of the Dog will entail, but we can expect to see some gorgeous new skins and sprays. After Year of the Dog, we’ll be due for a return to the Uprising lore-based campaign, and then the second anniversary of Overwatch.