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A new Twitter teaser may hint at a new Overwatch hero

Who is Emre Sarioglu? We think we may have the answer.

Blizzard Entertainment

A new teaser from the official Overwatch Twitter account was released, showing us a Declassified Report from the days of Overwatch. The report, written by Ana Amari before her “death” and disappearance, tells the tale of Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and a Private First Class named Emre Sarioglu being ambushed in Istanbul.

Reinhardt saved Torbjorn’s life during this encounter, and everyone made it home safe with a successful mission under their belt. It’s certainly interesting, but knowing that Reinhardt is brave and Overwatch fought omnics is nothing new. The only new piece of information is the name Emre Sarioglu. Emre is a Turkish’s boys name, meaning friend.

A Private First Class who served under Overwatch could be a new Hero, and it’s almost time for 27 to show themselves. Emre just became a new suspect.

When Winston initiated the Recall, we saw lots of names and faces flash by. As an Overwatch agent, Emre would have been among them. There’s also a mysterious figure who’s appeared among other Overwatch agents before, and he could be this mysterious Private First Class.

Blizzard Entertainment

See that guy in the lower left? We don’t know who he is. He’s also shown up in the Christmas comic Reflections, as Soldier 76 gazes sadly at a picture of him.

Blizzard Entertainment

We don’t know that this guy is Emre, and we don’t know that Emre is Hero 27... but this is a very interesting hint, especially because a similar Declassified teaser posted on Twitter was our clue that Ana was about to be released.

It’s possible that Operation: White Dome is hinting at something else, but the timing is right and the clues point toward a new hero. Let’s hope we’re not sent on a Sombra-style chase for more facts in the coming days.