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Overwatch fan signs are inspiring crimes against the natural order

I am screaming to the heavens and no one will answer me

Blizzard Entertainment

Listen to me. Listen to me. We are facing a crisis and no one seems to understand the dark forces we are trifling with, here. The Overwatch League fan signs are usually innocent fun or a way for fans to show their appreciation. There’s nothing wrong with a humble “Let’s go Uprising” sign, or even “PLAY SYMMETRA, YOU COWARDS.” These are good, innocent signs that should be welcomed and encouraged.

The dark signs started with a seemingly humorous message. “LET TORB WALL CLIMB”, it exclaimed in colorful letters on white posterboard. #FreeHim was scrawled underneath. Free him? We were so innocent back then. We didn’t know that he needed to be contained.

Do you not see the problem? Does this somehow look like innocent fun to you? What if I told you that this clip wasn’t the end, but a beginning? Sure enough, the fans were encouraged by Blizzard giving into them. They wanted more.

Do you think it stops here? Do you look at Zenyatta waddling around with his legs swinging wildly, and think that we can somehow close that door? I shudder to think of what sign will catch Blizzard’s eye next. It’s not too late. I beg of you, write only the simplest of signs. Stop demanding Blizzard to tear down barriers that should stand strong.

I am afraid.