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Seoul Dynasty add support player Gambler to its Stage 2 roster

Seoul fills the biggest hole in its roster with one of the best available support players

Blizzard Entertainment

The Seoul Dynasty, who finished fifth in the Overwatch League’s first stage, has made its first roster move of the 2018 Overwatch League season by signing Korean support player Heo “Gambler” Jin-Woo, the team announced on Monday morning.

Heo formerly played for LW Blue, in Korea’s Apex League, but was not among the members that left that organization to join the New York Excelsior when the Overwatch League started. Heo is known for his strong support play particularly on Mercy — a hole in the Dynasty roster that hurt them at the tail end of Stage One.

According to the team’s coach, Baek Kwang-jin, this addition fixes exactly the issues that the team had in the first stage. “We’ve finally assembled our perfect roster,” Baek said in the team’s press release revealing the acquisition. Heo too is excited to join the team saying, “It’s a great honor to join Seoul Dynasty and represent my home city in the Overwatch League... My number one goal is to help our team win the league.”

The addition of Heo to the Dynasty’s already talented roster moves them to a full twelve-player roster. This signing comes just after the first week of the second stage, where the Dynasty won their first two matches convincingly.