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Is this the final Hero 27 teaser?

The clues all point towards one incredibly buff lady.

Blizzard Entertainment

A fourth and likely final hero teaser has just gone live on the official Overwatch Twitter. Everything in this image hints towards Brigitte Lindholm, Torbjorn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s squire and goddaughter.

The previous teasers pointed towards Brigitte, with Torbjorn writing a letter to his wife about her pregnancy with the girl who would eventually become Brigitte, and then schematics showing a “Slaga v. 3.0”. This final teaser seals the deal: from the coffee mug to the Crusader shield, everything suggests that this second generation Overwatch character is going to gear up in armor and a smaller Crusader shield and hit the battlefield along with her two father figures.

Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte first appeared in the Reinhardt comic Dragon Slayer, where she was introduced as his squire. She later appeared in the Honor and Glory cinematic, playing the devil’s advocate to Reinhardt’s sense of honor and desire to join the Overwatch Recall initiated by Winston.

We can expect some fun interactions between Brigitte and the rest of the cast—and if that drawing behind the shield schematic is any indication, we may just get a reference to fan favorite Rocket Cat in a spray or voice line.