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Report: Geguri will become the Overwatch League’s first female pro player

She will look to help the Shanghai Dragons escape last place

ROX Orcas via Facebook

Korean Overwatch player Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon is joining the Shanghai Dragons and will become the first female pro player in the Overwatch League, according to a report from Rod Breslau via ESPN, citing sources. This report comes shortly after Korea’s most famous female player stated that she had signed with a “foreign” team on her stream earlier this week.

Geguri has played Overwatch at a professional level before in Korea’s Apex League, again as that league’s first female player, where she competed as part of the ROX Orcas. She played off-tank where she was regarded as one of ROX Orcas’ best players, though the team found little success. Joining the Shanghai Dragons might be a similar experience for Kim as the Dragons currently sit at the bottom of Overwatch League standings at 0-8.

This marks a huge step forward for the Overwatch League which has thus far has only featured male players. However, Kim has spoken in the past about wanting to be known for her play in-game rather than simply the first female player.

If Kim does join the Shanghai Dragons, she would be eligible to play with the team starting on Feb. 21 when the Overwatch League’s second stage begins.