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Brigitte joins the Overwatch live roster on March 20

Brigitte’s release date announced alongside an amazing art video

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch team had been sitting on Brigitte for quite some time. She first appeared in the Reinhardt comic, Dragon Slayer, as the trusty squire, before making her first animated showing in Honor and Glory. Soon, she’ll be joining the live cast on March 20, in just a few short days.

There’s a lot that goes into bringing a character from the lore and making them a proper hero, however. This behind the scenes video shows us the design work that went into Brigitte and her two launch skins.

Brigitte was referred to as a “pally” behind the scenes, no doubt due to her similarities to the World of Warcraft style paladin. Her legendary skins emphasize both parts of her design, and the two father figures she draws inspiration from. Mechanic and Engineer have Brigitte as a tinkerer, playing up the technical side of her past. Meanwhile, Máni and Sól lean hard into the knight fantasy and make her look like a hero of legend.

We’ll all be able to get our hands on Hero 27 and her awesome support kit in just a few days. It’s worth noting that heroes generally join the competitive roster after their live launch, so we won’t see Brigitte throwing her flail on the Overwatch League stage immediately.