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Overwatch fan artists already love Brigitte

Hero 27 has already racked up an admirable amount of fan art from awesome artists

Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte Lindholm has only been an official Overwatch hero for a couple of days, but Overwatch fan artists are already in love with the character. While she first debuted in the Reinhardt cinematic short, Honor and Glory, her recent reveal gave us a lot more info on the character, including her childhood and what she looks like when on the frontlines of combat. A host of talented artists have started drawing Brigitte, and she already seems like a smash hit with the fan base.

These sketches capture Brigitte’s face and personality, managing to depict her as determined in the first image and optimistic in the second. Part of Brigitte’s appeal is her contrast to Reinhardt—she’s equally resolute, but less hardened by battle and more driven by wanting to prevent damage than inflict it.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise we got a lot of art depicting Brigitte as a knight. It’s always awesome to see how artists depict characters in portraits. Blizzard’s stylized features can translate in interesting ways, and we get to see a variety of takes on Brigitte. Some images go for something that captures a slice of Brigitte’s personality in motion:

Some fan artists just want to celebrate how cute Brigitte is, which is an admirable goal we should applaud.

We’re even seeing teams and fans in the Overwatch League claim new characters for their own. The Los Angeles Gladiators, who use the motto “Shields UP!” have already adopted Brigitte, along with Reinhardt, as an embodiment of that phase.

There’s been an outpouring of support, love, and art for Brigitte since her reveal, and she has yet to join the roster on the live servers. Hero 27 is clearly a welcome addition to the cast, and we can hopefully expect even more stunning art in the days to come.