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Shanghai Dragons’ visa issues are finally coming to an end

Everything should be set for the Dragons to be competitive is Stage Three

Robert Paul for Blizzard Enterta

The last few months haven’t been easy for the Shanghai Dragons. On top of struggling in the Overwatch League itself, and still not having a win to show for their hard work, the team has also been having a hard time getting some of its players to the United States thanks to some travel issues.

The problems started with two of Shanghai Dragons’ newest players Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok and Chon “Ado” Gihyeon, whose visas were caught up in the Chinese legal system. Thankfully, after several interviews, both players were able to successfully receive their visas and begin their trip to America well ahead of Stage Three, when they will first be allowed to play for the team.

More recently, two of the teams starting players, Chao “Undead” Fang and premier DPS player Lu “Diya” Weida, have returned to China for the remainder of Stage Two. For Fang, the team cited “personal issues” as his reason for departing for the rest of the current Overwatch League stage. Meanwhile, for Weida, the Dragons have said that “family issues” will prevent him from taking part in the remainder of Stage Two.

With some new talent finally on the way after a bit of delay, and the addition of Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon and He “Sky” Junjian for Stage Three, it appears that the Shanghai Dragons are writing off the close of the second stage of the Overwatch League, and making sure that all the pieces are lined up for a successful Stage Three.