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Hero 27, Brigitte, has joined the Overwatch live roster

Brigitte is now available to play (except in competitive) on live servers

Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve been waiting eagerly for weeks, and Brigitte is finally gracing live servers with her presence. This healing, armor granting paladin of a support will be available to play in every game mode except competitive, and she’ll join that roster after the end of the current season.

Brigitte’s full hero interactions aren’t available yet, as it takes some time to get the assorted voice actors back in the studio. However, we do know what her full range of skins looks like, and they’ll be immediately available for purchase.

The newest support is a touch tougher than Mercy or Lucio, so its worth checking out Ryan’s guide to figure out how to get started on your path to mastering her.

Brigitte being unavailable in competitive play is a controversial decision; it remains to be seen whether the community outcry will change the schedule for future heroes.