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Brigitte’s new sizzle reel confirms she has joined Overwatch

The post-Recall Overwatch has Brigitte Lindholm on their side

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s story takes place after the fall of Overwatch, the rise of Talon, and the establishment of an uneasy world peace that is ready to shatter at seemingly any time. Brigitte’s new sizzle reel is meant to show off her gameplay, but it also gives us an important piece of lore—she has joined the new Overwatch, run by Winston.

Winston hit the Overwatch Recall back in his cinematic, Recall, after deciding that the risk of illegally restarting the organization was worth the potential reward of stopping Talon and restoring his lost family.

The first agent to answer the Recall was Tracer, which is pretty obvious, since she’s Winston’s BFF and has always been about the Overwatch life. Since then, we’re seeing the global situation shift. Pharah’s organization, Helix Security International, is stepping up to become a global power on the scale of the old Overwatch. Talon is also preparing to push the world into a new state of crisis, with Doomfist at the helm of that initiative.

Tracer and Winston are slowly earning allies. Mei and Reinhardt were depicted as answering the Recall in their respective cinematics, Rise and Shine and Honor and Glory. Genji seems like another likely candidate to have answered the Recall, especially since he told his brother Hanzo that they would need to pick a side soon in the Dragons cinematic.

While Reinhardt returned to Overwatch, his squire Brigitte (who happens to be the newest hero) wasn’t so eager. She tried to talk Reinhardt out of the whole thing, but she couldn’t stop him... and so, this sizzle reel confirmed that she has joined him and is now an agent of Overwatch.

While it’s always awesome to see Brigitte in action, the sizzle reel above is extra exciting because it gives us a glimpse of what new Overwatch versus Talon might look like. The pieces on the chess board are moving, and we’re in for one heck of a fight.