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We dig into the Uprising 2.0 save the date teaser

Uprising year two will likely be called Archives, and might feature Blackwatch

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Uprising event is coming back for its second year, and it looks like it’ll be called Archives this time around. The first teaser for the event’s second year came with a Tweet from the Overwatch Twitter account, accompanied by a short video.

At first glance, this video seems almost identical to last year’s, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see a few big differences. The first is the slight flicker that seems to change the date from “7 years ago,” to “8 years ago,” as well as the text of the filename to something that isn’t quite readable.

On their own, neither of these mean much, but the biggest change is the brand new logo in the background which appears to belong to Blackwatch. This could mean that this year’s Uprising, or Archives, event is going to focus a little more on Blackwatch, perhaps even setting the PVE missions around them this time.

Perhaps the largest lingering question about the video teaser is what exactly the logo in the bottom left means. This new logo replaces the first video’s Overwatch logo. While it certainly could a new version of the Athena logo, or even just a logo for the new Archives event name, it could also denote something new to the Overwatch universe.

What it all means, this new event is sure to come with brand new skins and new PVE missions, just like last year’s Uprising event, but we’ll have to wait til April 10 to find out what exactly will be included.