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Brigitte’s first legendary Engineer skin is hitting the PTR

Engineer serves as a tech inspired take on Brigitte’s early days of squiring

Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte, the latest Overwatch support, is currently on the PTR... But she’s looking a little lonely, with her cosmetics, voice lines, and interactions not hooked up yet. Don’t worry—we just got the first sneak peek at one of her legendary skins, and it makes the already awesome Brigitte even radder.

Engineer Brigitte looks like it’s inspired by her training gear and early armor prototypes, and in it she definitely takes after her dad Torbjorn over her her godfather Reinhardt. She’s less squire, more mechanic here.

It’s also likely that this was one of the early forms of her current day armor, based off the stills in her Origins video of training with Reinhardt and building her own armor around her.

Ultimately, it’s incredibly cool to see a second generation Overwatch member. Brigitte taking after Reinhardt is inspiring, but it’s good to see that she also remembers her engineering heritage with this legendary skin. Brigitte should have one more legendary skin at launch, and there’s a lot of potential for some good themes. Perhaps Officer D.Va could get a partner? For now, we’ll have to stay tuned.