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Brigitte’s full suite of skins has been revealed

All ten skins are available for testing on the Overwatch PTR

Blizzard Entertainment

Brigitte had her Engineer skin teased yesterday on Twitter, but now it appears that all 10 of her release skins are available for testing on the PTR.

First, we have Brigitte’s four re-colors, all of which are gorgeous.

She has a blue variant, a green variant, a purple variant, and a red/chrome variant.

For her epic skins, Brigitte has two really cool looking recolors. The first is a matte black skin called Carbon Fiber. It has blue/purple undertones with textured black plate. If you look at Brigitte’s face, it also seems like she has lines on her eyes, indicating that she is some kind of robot in this skin?

Blizzard Entertainment

Her second epic skin is far cooler. This skin is called Ironclad and shows Brigitte taking after her old man, Torbjorn. She is wearing armor very similar to her father’s Overwatch gear and even has his number 07 emblazoned on her armor. She is also wearing an eye guard for welding.

Her first legendary pair is the Engineer and Mechanic skins. These are red and blue respectively and show Brigitte replace her leg armor with cool looking overalls. She also gets a sick do-rag, a tool-belt, some welding goggles and a wrench strapped to her back.

Her final set of legendary skins is comprised of Máni and Sól. In Icelandic, these two words translate to moon and sun respectively. This translates to the color palette and symbols on these new knight skins. The Máni skin also makes Brigitte look suspiciously like Johanna, the Crusader from Diablo.

Now to speculate on what event skins Brigitte might get in the future!