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Retribution brings so much content to Overwatch

Skins? We got those. Comics? Lore? Retribution has it all.

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives: Retribution is launching today and bringing with it a massive amount of new Overwatch content.

First and foremost, Retribution is an event, which of course brings some times stipulations to this whole thing. Both the PvE mode and the skins will only last until April 30. So get excited, but make sure you’re also staying punctual.

As with all events, Retribution is bringing skins, skins, skins and even more skins. If you love skins, you’ll love Retribution. Simple as that. Both the new Retribution skins and the old Uprising skins from last year will be present. All you need to do is earn or buy some of the event exclusive chests and you’ll be on your way. Of course, you can also spend gold on these skins for a limited amount of time. I hope you’ve been saving!

There is also the new PvE mode, Retribution. You can grab four of your friends and play through the new scenario set in Venice, Italy. The map will also be coming to Overwatch as a Payload map at a later date. Uprising, last year’s PvE event, will also be available to play until April 30.

As is customary for these events, there is brand new lore for players to take a look at. We have a new Overwatch comic that goes into the Blackwatch organization, and there will of course be new voice lines and other story related goodies in the Retribution mode itself.

The Retribution event is a veritable smorgasbord of content for players to get into. Jump in and have as much fun as you can before it all goes away. But have no fear, Overwatch Archives will return next April if you happen to be away from your PC all month.