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Retribution’s Legendary difficulty lives up to the name

Good luck, heroes

Blizzard Entertainment

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited out to Blizzard’s campus and test out the new Retribution game mode. The normal mode is fun as hell on both the story setting an in the All Heroes Mode. The story mixes great with the gameplay and the randomness of All Heroes is a total blast. But the thing I remember most about my trip was how damn hard the Legendary difficulty was.

After we had all run through the mode twice each, a group of other press members and myself grabbed some computers for a final run or two. We decided to start with the story version of the Legendary mode, and really test our metal. Nope. Not even close. After the first room, about where the gondolas are, we got completely smoked.

We decided to try out the All Heroes mode instead, assuming it would be “much easier.” We were right about one of those things. Jumping into All Heroes, we decided on somewhat of a strange comp. We had Orisa, D.Va, and Bastion. I was playing Ana.

Playing from the perspective of an offensive healer, I barely had a moment to think. Even when Bastion would sit down, he would be creamed in an instant if I wasn’t spam healing. The same was true for our tankier members, although they could fend for themselves a little better.

By the time we got through the door, the feeling of dread was more than present. This was going to take a while. As we pushed up to the Sniper, I was able to get a sleep off, taking some of the danger away from our crew. Our first down was at the gondolas again, but clever use of the pillars allowed us to get each other up.

Blizzard Entertainment

We met our demise at the first courtyard, when the game decided to send 15 armored soldiers at us at one time. We split up, foolishly, and were able to fend off for a bit. But as we dropped one by one, it became very difficult to get each other up. By the end, we had thinned the heard and three of us were up. Unfortunately, one member had strayed too far from the pack. Turns out, if you don’t rez someone in time, you lose. Who knew?

As the defeat screen hit us, we all cursed and took off our headphones. But we weren’t alone. Our sighs of frustration were echoed around the room as other press members and Blizzard staff members had gathered around the spectator TV to watch.

The mode is tough and gave us more than a run for our money. But it felt satisfying and fair. It’s one of those modes that I can tell myself “I would have gotten it the next time for sure.” In reality, it may take 10 or more attempts for me to actually conquer this difficulty now that it’s live. But it makes to prospect of more Overwatch PvE that much more exciting. The team is learning and improving year in and year out.

I’ve tasted defeat this once but never again and god I hope I can beat this damn thing before April 30.