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Overwatch’s #1 priority? Figuring out the best Brigitte ships

Do NOT talk to me and do NOT expect me to reply to your emails until I’ve cracked the code

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans have had a lot of material to pore through over the last few days. The Blackwatch lore released alongside Retribution is full of spicy details about our favorite heroes and their mysterious pasts. Players are working to not just finish the Venice Incident mission, but beat it on legendary difficulties and catch every line of dialogue. Recent balance changes suggest Reaper might be back in the Overwatch League meta. Sure, all of this stuff is interesting, but let’s get to the really important question: Who do you ship Brigitte with?

The newest hero has been out for a few weeks now, which means that we all have a really good sense of her personality and character. This means that we can go into our secret laboratories and brew up the perfect match.

Let’s start with the absolute no gos. Do NOT ship Brigitte with her father or her godfather. That’s gross, and you’re gross. Do NOT ship Brigitte with Bastion or Winston. I shouldn’t even have to explain why. I will not elaborate on why these characters are forbidden, and I’m moving on to more fertile ground.

Here, we get into dicier territory. Many of these characters could get with Brigitte, technically? But it’s a stretch. Zenyatta and Orisa, as omnics, could need repairs and their overall good and kind natures could lead to a dialogue with Brigitte... but that seems unlikely.

Roadhog and Junkrat are off causing trouble in crime sprees, and Symmetra is pretty busy with her Vishkar Corporation day job and superhero side project.

Brigitte is a genuinely good person, so why would she get with an active member of Talon? They’re terrorists; Brigitte is a squire. It’s just a complete mismatch.

Brigitte also holds the old guard of Overwatch in contempt, so it seems unlikely any of them would manage to get past her armor to reach her heart.

I’m just not seeing any of these characters as potential matches for Brigitte, and hence they go into the “probably not” category.

Okay, now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes of the matter. These characters are all completely viable matches that I can see happening.

Genji and McCree are on the younger side and they have problems with the Overwatch old guard. They’re also characters who might find themselves back with the recalled Overwatch. They’re a little older, and a little rougher, but they’re both handsome dudes with big hearts.

Hanzo’s personality is kind of a turd, but he’s a silver fox and he’s walking the path to redemption. Perhaps a beautiful squire who won’t take his shit is what he needs to truly reform?

Tracer and Brigitte both want to be heroes, but Tracer’s taken. Maybe Emily would be cool with it?

Lucio is another handsome guy who’s in Brigitte’s age range. They’re both heroes taking matters into their own hands... but Lucio is the definition of loosey goosey, preferring to play concerts and make music than really commit 24/7 to the hero thing.

Mei’s part of the Recalled Overwatch, so she and Brigitte will be fighting side by side. Mei’s also very nice. Maybe too nice?

Sombra’s part of Talon, but we all know she’s a double agent. Overwatch loves playing with spy fiction tropes, and is anything more spy-fictiony than the stealthy double agent falling in love with a big damn hero?

Finally, Pharah is the biggest question mark. She and Brigitte were probably raised in the same extended family, since Ana and Reinhardt were so close. That’s the problem—she might be TOO close to Brigitte. The two women could see each other as sisters, especially if they both found themselves dumped in the Overwatch nursery.

All of these characters are a solid ‘maybe’. I approve of all of these ships, but they’re just not as convincing as our final tier.

D.Va is one of the setting’s biggest mechanics, since she owns and operates her own MEKA. She’s also a soldier and a hero. Don’t tell me that you can’t picture Brigitte and Hana really getting into an intense conversation over MEKA repair. They’re around the same age, they’re both trained in warfare, they’re both into tech, they’re both bubbly and upbeat... That’s a good ship, right there. The Internet even came up with a cute name for it: MEKAnic. That’s a good sign if I’ve ever seen one.

Then, of course, there’s Zarya. Zarya would indulge the more serious side of Brigitte, and Brigitte could help Zarya deal with the aftermath of Searching, the comic where Zarya realized her country’s leader isn’t as perfect as previously thought. They’re also both muscly girls, so they could hit the gym together.

This is a very important subject, and so we desperately want to hear your feedback in the comments. Which character do you think Brigitte should kiss, and why?