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McCree’s Lifeguard skin just got a big buff

His controversial summer skin got some new voice lines

Blizzard Entertainment

McCree’s Lifeguard skin was one of the most controversial summer skins. While it has a lot of very neat effects, like summoning a beach ball instead of a tumbleweed and replacing his boot noises with flip flops, some fans felt like it wasn’t quite what they expected. Blizzard have gone ahead and went under the hood to give Lifeguard McCree a few more lines. Now, not only does he have special flip flop running sounds, but he has two new lines.

When triggering Deadeye, the iconic “It’s high noon” line has been replaced with “It’s high tide”.

When throwing a flashbang, McCree will chide his target: “No running!”

This is one of those changes that affects absolutely nothing about the game, but makes the skin a lot more satisfying. There are a few other skins that could use a similar pass: Sombra’s Rime skin could use more icy effects, Symmetra’s Dragon skin would be improved with more dragon-y turrets, and Soldier 24/Blackwatch Reyes would be far more immersive if we had Reyes’ pre-Reaper voice.

For now, we can celebrate the fact that Lifeguard McCree is now appropriately, well, lifeguard-y in his voice lines. Let’s hope the fan outcry and eventual correction means we’ll get more sweet skin content in the future.