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Retribution has been patched to fix the infuriating dropship issue

GET ON THE... okay it’s less important now but seriously guys, get on the ship

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new Archives mission, Retribution, is a really solid Left 4 Dead style romp that takes us through a gorgeous PVE environment, gives challenging gameplay, and showcases loads of new lore in an organic, interesting manner. It’s as close to perfect as you can reasonably expect from a new game mode, with only two complaints: one, there’s not more of it, and two, everyone on the team needs to get on the dropship at the end or it’s a mission failure.

Everyone getting on the dropship seemed like a good idea. It caused things to feel tense, and it makes sense that Reyes is a no man left behind kind of commander, but there’s just the teeny tiny issue of your Genji or Moira trying to 1v1 a Heavy Assault for ... reasons? It was a nightmare, and the community howled as one: “Seriously, you guys, just get on the dropship. It’s not hard! Just scooch right onto there.”

Well, the fanbase didn’t listen, but Blizzard has. The most recent patch will leave incapacitated team members behind to die while the survivors fly off in style. This is truly excellent, and a great step forward for Retribution. Let’s hope Blizzard are listening to the cry for more PVE content as well.