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Overwatch’s 6v6 elimination mode is getting a short competitive season

Get ready to expand your hero pool

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Team Deathmatch modes have always been pretty popular, but Blizzard is taking the 6v6 Elimination mode to a whole new level by giving it a short competitive season, which kicked off on Monday. The season will run until May 8, and is entirely separate from the standard, Overwatch Competitive season.

The competitive mode is also getting a bit of a twist with the addition of the lockout rule, which means that every time one team wins a round, they can’t re-select the heroes they played in that round. With each match playing out as a best of five, that means when going for your third win, your team will be locked out of 12 heroes. This is sure to keep things exciting and make team communication extremely important if you want to rank up.

Competitive 6v6 Elimination will be available on all of the standard Elimination maps as well as Ayutthaya, the Capture the Flag map created for the Lunar New Year. The mode can be selected through the Arcade and will end on May 8, at 8 p.m. ET.