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Overwatch’s new escort map, Rialto, is live on the PTR

A gorgeous map that offers tons of flanking potential, Rialto is all about the payload

Blizzard Entertainment

Rialto, the newest Overwatch map, has hit the PTR. We got to see a preview of Rialto in the Overwatch Archives: Retribution game mode, and eight years later, the heroes are returning to this district of Venice to escort the payload. (Or, if your team has a Widowmaker, to try to get a big Play of the Game somewhere in the general area of the payload.) We’ve had some pretty exciting payloads before, and this time we’re escorting some fragile cargo to a museum. Not quite the Doomfist, but it’ll do. We’re sure this is an entirely innocent scenario and everything is as it appears.

Rialto is a gorgeous map. As the eagle flies, the two spawn points are pretty close together. Where the fun comes in is all of the flanking paths, ways to wind around the street, and even canals that can be crossed via careful use of gondolas, Frogger-style.

Not only does every path have an alternate option that will take you through a shop or an alleyway, but there’s also a pretty strong vertical element to the map as well due to all of the balconies and bay windows.

Oh, and there’s also Talon’s headquarters.

Blizzard Entertainment

Players will battle through canals, fashion districts, museums, a hotel, piers and even pass through Talon’s armory and boardroom as one of the spawn rooms.

Rialto is currently on the Overwatch PTR where it’ll be held for additional testing. Once it’s live, there’ll be another delay before it hits the Overwatch League stage for the pros to battle over.