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Hanzo’s rework is coming to Overwatch soon and it looks fantastic

A flashy rapid shot, a much better sonic arrow and that new dash

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players may be tired of insta-locking Hanzos, but there’s hope on the horizon. Hanzo’s rework has been hotly anticipated over the last few weeks, and his new kit seems to be coming together. Jeff Kaplan shared some more details about how our favorite archer is coming along on the General Discussion forums in response to fans asking for a sneak peek. Hanzo’s new rapid shot ability, which would fire off a barrage of deadly arrows, could end up looking like this:

Blizzard Entertainment

While that concept art by Ben Zhang isn’t guaranteed to make it to the live servers, its meant to be incredibly flashy. We might not get something so snazzy looking, but enemies need to be aware of when Hanzo is ready to fire off shots that could eliminate a Reinhardt, tear through a barrier, or wreak havoc on a clustered together back line. When it comes to visual effects for abilities that can take out most of a team, bigger is definitely better.

Hanzo will also now have a dash, allowing him to disengage from enemies. This should make up for him losing his scatter arrow, but he does get to keep his sonic arrow, which is getting a buff. According to Kaplan:

Sonic arrow cooldown is significantly faster while the radius and duration have been slightly reduced. End result: you can move it around more.

Now that the big decisions have been made, we should be seeing Hanzo hit the PTR soon for final testing before his rework goes live.