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Which Overwatch characters are getting reworked next?

Hanzo, a mystery candidate, and the cast’s builders are subject to reworks in future

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s hero reworks are the next best thing we get to a new hero — they take an existing member of the cast and fix the problems that make them less than viable (or just unfun to play as or against). D.Va’s rework cut down her Defense Matrix but gave her a powerful barrage of Micro Missiles. Sombra went from an odd health pack hack support into a proper Offense. Mercy’s rework, the most infamous at all, took away her mass rez and gave her the ability to fly and chain her beams. Hero reworks take someone who’s been on the bench (or in every single pro game) and gives them a modern day makeover.

So, who’s next on the rework schedule? Hanzo is the next candidate, and he’s already coming along quite nicely. The archer is getting a dash, losing his one-shot scatter arrow, and gaining a sweet new multi-shot rapid fire that can mow through tanks. Even his sonic arrow is getting a bit of a buff.

Here’s where things get interesting: We know that the developers want to rework Symmetra (again) and Torbjorn, but Torbjorn is way off in the distance and Symmetra is still in the very experimental phases. While we’ll see the new and improved Hanzo this spring, the builders will be in the shop for quite a while.

But Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan did share that there’s “someone else” being worked on. This raises the question of who our mystery candidate is. Reinhardt is the tank who has been touched the least since release, and he’s fallen behind in the meta. He still has a very strong and compelling core fantasy, but a developer rework could help him keep up with Orisa and D.Va.

The support cast seems to be in a pretty healthy place, but Lucio is struggling to pump out as much healing as his pals. Sombra’s new hack also makes it pretty easy to shut our favorite Battle DJ down. A surprise rework that brings one of Overwatch’s most popular characters back to the forefront could be welcome.

Who do you want to see get a rework in the future? Which members of the cast do you think are most in need of a tune up?