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Overwatch Archives: Retribution is this year’s Blackwatch PVE brawl

Grab a group of friends and learn what happens when the good go bad

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Archives: Retribution is this years PvE focused historical event, like Uprising before it. Teased last week and announced on Monday, the Overwatch team dropped the real details today at the Overwatch League.

Retribution sees four Blackwatch heroes infiltrating a compound in Venice, Italy. The goal is to extract an Italian crime lord. When things go bad, as they always do when Reyes gets put in charge, the squad has to escape through hostile Talon territory. That’s when the mission is handed over to you. You and your teammates can pick between Moira, Reaper, McCree, and Genji to play through the epic escape.

Like Junkenstein and Uprising before it, you’re scored on how well you do and are tasked with killing unique enemies. But unlike previous PvE experiences, the enemies here are all built from the ground up for this mode. While some of their abilities may seem familiar, others are far more likely to take you by surprise.

This is a canonical event telling an in-universe story through classic Overwatch gameplay, so you’re initially locked to the Blackwatch cast. Once the story is done, players can also jump into the All Hero Mode. This allows you to play the same mission you just completed as any team you like. Like Uprising, there are also four difficulties to play with, allowing you to challenge yourself and your allies as much as you’d like.

The Uprising mode, as well as some gorgeous new skins, hits the live servers on April 10 and will stay until April 30. Players who miss Uprising from last year will also be able to jump into that mode as well.