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Twitch and Blizzard partner for new Overwatch League All-Access Pass

The emotes alone might be worth the price of admission

Blizzard Entertainment

Ever since Blizzard and Twitch announced the platform as the exclusive home of the Overwatch League, the two companies have promised bonus content for the league and it looks like we finally know what that will include. Today, Twitch announced the Overwatch League All-Access Pass which will give fans access to a variety of special content.

The All-Access Pass, which will be a one-time purchase of $19.99, is set to include a whole host of features for the Overwatch League stream including unique emotes, a new “Command Center” stream, an ad-free viewing experience and even a new passholder-only chat.

Even more exciting for Overwatch fans is the content that will be provided outside of the official Overwatch League stream. According to the announcement, the pass will grant fans access to post match Q&A sessions as well as match analysis videos hosted by the Overwatch League players themselves.

Finally, the All-Access Pass will also give a few in-game rewards for Overwatch as well such as two new avatars, and brand new skins for McCree, Moira, and Soldier 76.

The All-Access Pass is available now on the Twitch announcement page and the benefits will last until the beginning of the Overwatch League’s 2019 season.