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Moira’s controversial beret has stolen the show in Overwatch: Retribution

Hat’s off to Blizzard on this character design

Blizzard Entertainment

When we first met Moira, we learned that she was a scientist chasing the secret of genetics. Shunned by Overwatch’s strict policies, she joined up with the dangerous Blackwatch for the freedom they allowed her. What she didn’t know is that she’d have to wear an incredibly controversial beret that would light social media on fire. We’ve seen Moira in a Mercy-style Valkyrie outfit in her Origins short, and most people assumed that she would wear that in the field as well.

Blizzard Entertainment

However, in the latest comic and the Retribution game mode, she’s sporting a jaunty beret and heavier gear:

Blizzard Entertainment

While McCree and Genji are standing there looking effortlessly badass, Moira looks like she just had to explain to her mom that she actually can’t pause her game. She’s a surly teenager pulled out of her basement. She straight up doesn’t want to be here and frankly, I can’t blame her, she probably had some excellent science stuff going on. The Overwatch team clearly think the beret is a valuable part of her design, because they proceeded to unleash a tidal wave of sass on twitter dot com.

They even gave Moira not one, but two wizard hats, along with even more zany headgear that we can’t post here due to space limitations.

Some of these people didn’t even @ the official Overwatch account! The dangerous haberdasher responsible for all of this just hunted their tweets down and flaunted Moira’s alternate hats at them. There’s an out of control milliner running the Overwatch account and they need to be stopped.

Even though Retribution covers tons of juicy Overwatch lore, ranging from Widowmaker’s ex-husband to the origins of Reyes’ relentless hunt against Talon, people online are still really focused on Moira’s beret. It just goes to show that the community is brimming with big hat opinions.