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Overwatch’s second anniversary event starts May 22

New skins! New depth to competitive mode! A blast to the past from all previous seasons!

Blizzard Entertainment

Can you believe it’s already been two years since the launch of Overwatch? The game’s second-annual anniversary event is returning to celebrate the momentous occasion, and will run May 22 through June 11 on all platforms.

Much like last year’s anniversary event, Overwatch’s second birthday will come with a ton of new content, including a new line of legendary skins. The Deathmatch mode will also get tons of love, and limited-time brawls will return to get some of the spotlight.

Below are the highlights of 2018’s anniversary event.

New cosmetics

We’re getting 50 new cosmetics, 11 of which are skins. There are three epic skins, eight legendary skins, and new dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira and Brigitte. (These heroes weren’t around last year, so they didn’t get in on the dancing craze. Now, they can be free and fancy!)

New year, old gear

Last year’s seasonal content will return for purchase, meaning that you can now fill out your collection with Witch Mercy or one of the Summer Games Zarya skins. Seasonal brawls will also return, for fans of Lucioball or Yeti Hunt. If you’re already missing the lore-heavy brawls of Overwatch: Archives, Uprising and Retribution will both be available.

Blizzard Entertainment

Deathmatch deluxe

Last year, Deathmatch mode got three new maps: Black Forest, Castillo, and Necropolis. This year’s anniversary event adds one Deathmatch map: Petra. Petra joins fellow exclusive map Chateau Guillard, and that should be a blast; Chateau Guillard is one of the most dynamic and interesting maps in the game.

Players can test their skills with the accompanying Competitive mode, which gives proper rankings and competitive points.

Legendary loot

As always, the anniversary cosmetics will be contained in anniversary loot boxes. Logging in grants you a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which gives you one legendary-quality item guaranteed. If you purchase the bundle of 50 loot boxes, you get a second Legendary box.

All seasonal loot will be included in loot boxes, meaning that if RNG thwarted you before, you can now take another shot at securing a fancy skin.

It looks like Overwatch’s anniversary celebrations will be all about giving love to different game modes and granting access to content usually locked behind other seasonal events. For those of us who missed Winter Wonderland or the Summer Games, that’s certainly something worth dancing over.