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Overwatch Deathmatch receives a new FFA map, ranked season—and it deserves the love

Deathmatch is getting a new map and a new ranked mode, and I’ve never been so excited

Blizzard Entertainment

I love Overwatchs Deathmatch mode. Maybe it’s because I was a kid who played a pretty decent amount of Quake’s Deathmatch mode back in the ‘90s, or maybe it’s because I avoid Quick Play. When I want to work with a team and strive towards a tough goal as a common foe, I queue up for ranked. When I want to pick Symmetra and spam turrets in the wine cellar and then set up the sit emote and wait for people to spawn into my murder cove, I pick Deathmatch.

I wrote about how much I loved the game mode back in September, and that still holds true. I still think it’s gloriously frantic and fast paced, challenging enough to keep me engaged while still being lenient enough that I blow off steam. As such, I’m delighted to see that this year’s Overwatch anniversary event fills out Deathmatch. We’re getting the second map built specifically for the job and a new ranking system as well to allow for more serious and competitive matches of murder arena.

Jeff Kaplan mentioned in the latest Developer Update that there’s a mega-health pack in an open area of the map with environmental hazards, as well as plenty of variation throughout the map so different heroes can thrive and survive.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled. Chateau Guillard is one of the game’s most interesting maps, with winding corridors, avenues for ambush and a variety of environments that allow nearly any character to flourish. Petra being another Deathmatch map built for Deathmatch and then cranked up to 11 is exciting; I want to see Brigittes and Reapers storming tighter corridors while Pharah and Tracers have room to maneuver and flank.

If you haven’t given Deathmatch a shot, it’s worth your time. Even if you just want to get some competitive points, go ahead and queue up. Play your main; this is a place where no one yells at Mercy mains and they can be just as deadly as the DPS. Let the magic of Deathmatch settle over you.

Deathmatch is one of Overwatch’s best experiences, and I’m delighted to see the developers give it attention. Pushing the payload is a perfectly enjoyable experience, but sometimes you need to stop relying on your team, pick up your Hellfire shotguns, and hunt down a wave of Hanzos, Tracers and Moiras who’re all looking to kill you as well.