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Blizzard shows off some impressive player stats for Overwatch’s second anniversary

That’s a lot of damage

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s anniversary event has begun and Blizzard is celebrating by looking back at the last two years of Overwatch, and all the things that the community has accomplished, with a nice new infographic showing off a few of the game’s impressive stats.

Along with highlighting the fact that Overwatch has reached 40 million players, the graphic mentions the over 2,000 cosmetic items that have been added to the game, along with the six new heroes, 15 new maps, four game modes and six seasonal events.

Blizzard Entertainment

The graphic also shows a little bit of what those players have been doing by providing us with some mind boggling healing, damage and objective stats. According to Blizzard, players have done 38 trillion points of damage and healed a little over 17 trillion hit points. Meanwhile, 56 billion objectives have been captured and almost 752 million salty teammates have asked for healing.

For more coverage of the 2018 Overwatch Anniversary event you can check out Polygon’s breakdown of all of this year’s cosmetics.