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Overwatch’s new map, Rialto, is now live

Escort your way through the streets of Venice

Overwatch’s latest competitive multiplayer map, the escort map known as Rialto, is now available on live servers on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Rialto has been available for testing on PC in Overwatch’s PTR since late April, and players are likely already familiar with its setting. The map, based on the streets and canals of Venice, Italy, was the foundation of Overwatch’s limited-time Arcade mode, Archives: Retribution.

The escort version of Rialto is set during the daytime, however, giving players a better, brighter look at Blizzard’s interpretation of Venice. A walkthrough of the map, including a visit to Talon headquarters and a look at Rialto’s thriving Omnic gondolier business, is in Blizzard’s preview video above.

For a closer look at the map, a selection of screenshots is available in the gallery below.